What if you could scale to multiple 6, 7, or even 8 figures faster and easier with simple systems?

(No headaches, hair-pulling, or growing pain required.)

Shari Mubarak is on the front lines every day saving women business owners (like you) from the biggest enemy of growth: confusion.

Few business owners have been taught how to effectively implement the structures for planning, process, and people that allow businesses to survive the brutal attacks of growing pains.

Most likely, you weren’t given the education or experience to answer questions like…

“How do I create systems that allow me to delegate tasks that aren’t worth my time, so I can spend more time in my zone of genius?”


 “How do I set up financial processes that support my business growth and provide a foundation of security?”

“How do I build a high-performing team that I can count on to run the day-to-day operations so I can focus on my vision?”

Fortunately, Shari has a battle-tested and proven system for winning the war on growing pains that keep smart, high-achieving women for reaching multi 6, 7, or even 8-figures in the business.

The 3-P System streamlines grow with tactical solutions:

Time-Saving Systems

When business leaders are too busy for planning and strategy, growth stalls. time-saving systems and delegation are vital to the future success of any business.

Money Management

Cashflow, taxes, and payroll, oh my! When you aren’t clear about the costs of running a business or when your income is tied to delivering a service, there is no scalability. Applying easy-to-manage financial systems clears the pathway to great financial growth.

Building A Team

Finding great employees, creating a team culture, and delegating tasks efficiently is part of what it takes to grow from a micro-business to powerhouse operation.

Growth Planning

Establishing brand identity, positioning for growth, communicating your unique value, and outsmarting the competition are all essential to your business growth and development.

Strategic Decision-Making

Balancing growth and quality, investing in the right things, and making the choices that move the business forward are game-changers in any business.


Businesses must know how to comply with rules to avoid consequences that could threaten the entire business.

Let’s Get To Work

Shari’s personalized approach gives business owners the solutions they need to upsize their without getting bogged down working with the usual stress of growing a business… working long hours, struggling to delegate work, losing customers due to quality loss, delays in productivity, cash flow shortages…and more.

That’s why the best first step is always getting a Strategic Planning Playbook. It’s like a check-up for your business. Just as a timely and professional diagnosis and follow-up plan can save the life of a person, it can also save a business.

Here’s how it works

Step 1. You’ll get on a call with Shari where she’ll ask simple questions about your goals, current systems, and plans for the future. This will help her build a personalized plan for you.

Step 2. Using the information from the call, Shari prepares your Growth Planning Roadmap. This is a comprehensive document with recommended next steps to rapidly and easily grow your business.

Step 3. Shari will go through the Growth Planning Roadmap with you, and together, you’ll decide the best way to implement the recommendations.

Ready to get the systems you need to scale your business?

Complete the form below to request your complimentary pre-call and find out if getting your Growth Planning Roadmap is right for you.

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