You have started your business and although you anticipate much growth, it has also brought much overwhelm and confusion.  You can’t see the wood from the trees.  It’s starting to become a chore for you. 

Your finances are all over the place yet you yearn for consistent income every month.

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you are doing yet you desire calm and order so that you can grow your business. 

I get it!

Hi, I’m Shari 

I specialise in working with small business owners, like you, to build and grow their business to get the big results you desire.  It’s obvious that you have a natural gift and bags of talents to add massive value to your clients, so I help you take that to the next level so that you make a difference in the world and to do so with ease and confidence. 

Are you ready to say YES to consistent income and YES to growing your business with confidence?

Then you’re in the right place!


  • Take you from where you are today and develop a transformational blueprint to grow your business
  • Create a roadmap that has you working at your optimum so that it gives you more control of your life
  • Discover what’s creating a block right now and transform them so that you create a life and business that you love

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