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Are you struggling to grow
your business to multi 6 or 7 figures?

● Does upsizing your business seem complicated or overwhelming?

● Does upsizing your business seem complicated or overwhelming?

● Do financials make your brain hurt?
Are you putting your business at risk without standard procedures?

● Are you running out of hours in the day to reach your goals?

● Are you running out of hours in the day to reach your goals?

● Do you want to build a high-performance team so you can focus on your vision?

● Are you stuck doing tasks you could be delegating if you had a process?


If you are ‘on the fence’ about working with Shari Mubarak, hire her now. She probably saved my business. I had hustled my way to a 6-figure+ copywriting and marketing services business, but I was completely stressed out, overwhelmed, and had no ability to scale. Shari helped me create systems that INSTANTLY gave me more time to work on planning and processes so that I could hire and delegate work. She helped me create financial systems to help me invest in the business without overspending. Working with her has been a game-changer and the ROI has been WAY more than I expected.

Laura Mzhickteno

Shari Mubarak saved my sanity and helped me double the monthly revenue of the business! Before Shari, I felt like there was never enough of me no matter how many hours I worked. I was constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and missing out on life outside of my business. Worse yet, it seemed like I’d reached an income cap and just couldn’t find a way to keep growing. Shari helped me put systems in place, make decisions, hire a team, and make a clear plan to move forward. I never would have been able to grow my business this quickly without her.

Martha Smith

Before working with Shari, I felt like the ship was sinking. As a startup, we grew FAST. The problem was that we weren’t prepared for the growth. We didn’t have the systems or staff in place to manage the influx of new contracts. Our efficiency began to suffer and we simply couldn’t deliver at the level of quality that we expected for ourselves. Plus, we were experiencing high turnover with our staff. Shari helped us create standard operating systems to better train our people and streamline our operations. She helped cultivate a culture of high-performance and hire better people. We still have challenges, but everything is so much better working with Shari. She’s saved us from losing accounts, staff, and our minds!

Kate Anderson

Shari is my go-to person when I need to put together a business financial blueprint for my business.  She’s so methodical in the way she takes my big vision and has helped me break it down financially into an income plan that is step by step and understandable.

Nikia Lawson

Speaking with Shari was empowering.  I had very little understanding of how to structure our finances and I learned SO much from her.  Shari helped me understand what factors to look at, what to do with the data and ultimately, how to put together a financial growth plan focussed on profits.  She started by understanding the background of our business, our challenges and provided solutions.  She offered insight & ideas suited to my business allowing me to look at the picture from a new angle and to help me make financial decisions with the right data.  For a young business owner, like myself, this is a crucial turning point for our business growth plan.

Sarah Gaborik

9 Tips to Getting Through a Growth Crisis

The Complete Guide To Overcoming Business Growing Pains Without Pulling Out Your Hair.

I have been in business for 13+ years and as my business has grown, I am encountering new challenges that I never thought about when I started. Knowing Shari’s experience in corporate as a consultant, I naturally reached out to her for her guidance to navigate these new issues. She has been a huge help with her knowledge when it comes to issues ranging from client negotiations to team management to cultivating a positive culture within the organization. With her keen ability to see the bigger picture, systems she has developed and ability to show me how to course correct for a better outcome, I am no longer apprehensive, anxious or nervous about the growth of my business and confidently stepping into the role of CEO. Having Shari on my team was the best decision I could have made and I have no doubt that I will easily cross the 7-figure mark in my business with her support and the systems that she has implemented.

Dr Annette Stephenson

Introducing The 3-P System

Scaling a business is as easy as…


Simplifying strategic decision-making to get you to your goals faster


Creating systems and structures to streamline growth activities


Managing culture and delegating work effectively

Why is growing a business so difficult?

Too many entrepreneurs are suffering from a major lack of business operations.

Systems are sexy. They bring clarity and security. Without the right systems to support upward growth, any business can fall into obscurity and fail to produce results. Operational health is just as important as marketing and sales for creating profitability.

What makes the 3-P System different?

In her two-decade long consultancy career, Shari discovered a simplified and highly-effective approach for streamlining business operations, maximizing profits, and driving growth to successfully upsize businesses to multiple 6, 7, or even 8-figures.

Shari has helped hundreds of businesses like yours get through the growing pains of scaling and go on to build powerhouse operations. The 3-P System is proven to accelerate business growth.

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