Hi, I’m Shari

The business growth consultant and coach for multi-passionate female entrepreneurs to focus & master their most profitable income stream so that you can make consistent income without having to work around the clock.

My personal mission is to educate, enlighten and empower ALL women to create your own destiny by making powerful choices and living a fulfilled life of continuous experience. 

My business mission to help women business owners express their gifts and talents in a way that helps create your own destiny and the experiences of running your business allows you to live your life BIG!

But along the way, if part of the business process – marketing, sales, systems, structures have got you in overwhelm and confusion and makes you want to pull your hair out – then it’s time we talked! 

This is not why you started your business and you sure as hell not living into your gifts and talents if you are feeling like walking out of your business and into a job just to have an easier life!!! 

No, no, no – do not quit on your business, do NOT quit on yourself and do NOT quit on your future clients who are waiting to experience the very BEST VERSION of yourself! 

When I started building my property portfolio in 2013, it was tough – mainly because I was doing it as a side hustle – evenings, weekends, holiday times, every single moment outside of parenting, working, relationship time went to building my property portfolio.  Listen I know how much effort and determination it takes, but I built my property portfolio from zero to multi- million pounds in 18 months through much sacrifice.  Why?  For one reason:  to allow me to leave my corporate role to spend more time with my young daughter.  Today, my portfolio has continued to grow and I have all the freedom I desire. 

I started my career as a qualified accountant and then became a regulatory consultant and then finally, an in-house compliance adviser.  20 years of consultancy has taught me to listen to my clients and meet them where they are when it comes to creating bespoke solutions for them and now for you! 

I believe in telling it like it is, speaking the truth, and above all having a high standard to work to.  I have a strong moral compass so I believe in doing the right thing even if it’s not the easiest thing to do at times.  So that means, I’m going to tell you the honest truth about what you need to do next and lovingly, invite you to take the actions you need to take in your business.

 You’re not hiring me to take it easy on you, were you?

Here’s me in a nutshell:

  • I’m originally from Malaysia and I’ve lived in the UK for over 25 years
  • I’ve worked for 2 of the Top 4 global accounting firms –Ernst & Young Malaysia and PricewaterhouseCoopers UK.
  • During my career in PwC, I worked with clients like Barclays, Santander, Aviva, Paypal and Northern Trust.
  • I led multi-million pound projects with teams of technical experts.  This is where I developed my strong business strategy and project management skills.
  • I worked with senior management and Board of Directors to develop and implement strategy with their teams.  People who know me say I over-deliver and it’s my strategic thinking that helps them navigate any challenges that come up during a project. I get called when people need saving from a regulatory fine!
  • I have worked internationally in Malaysia, Australia, Middle East and the UK.  I have a global outlook on projects that I have worked in and have been involved in multi-location delivery of consultancy services for my prior clients. So I’m used to thinking BIG!
  • By the time I became in-house compliance adviser for Northern Trust, I was hired to develop compliance strategy and hire a high calibre team to deliver their compliance framework.  My recruitment track record is strong; I can tell within 7 minutes of meeting a candidate whether they’re going to be a good hire.  
  • I was part of the senior management team and sat on the Board of Directors of the Irish investment fund.   Because of my extensive and varied corporate career, I bring a strong risk management outlook to assessing business opportunities.  My mantra is “trust but verify” all matters.

I particularly like working with entrepreneurs and business owners to map out their business growth strategy and create a success roadmap to achieve their big-a$$ business goals.  If you have a scary number in mind then we should talk coz I might just get you there!

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