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Are you ready to GROW your business and ADD TREMENDOUS value to your client?

BUT you are frustrated and overwhelmed….

What you have done to now is just the beginning,

But now you have hit a wall and need to think differently to get you to the next level.

You aren’t getting consistent income, you don’t have a consistent business strategy, you are starting to lose confidence that you’re going to overcome your lack of productivity.

You have no idea what you need to change first – start over or pack it in?



  • You want consistent income. The last few months has you going from sales famine to feast and then to famine again.  You haven’t been paying yourself a full salary either, perhaps living on credit cards even.
  • You’re tired of working the long hours and it seems like the business is holding you hostage. You want to spend more time with family and recharge your batteries. After all, you started your business to give you time freedom!
  • You’re smart – you’ve done enough training to figure this out but for some reason to simply see what you cannot see in your business right now.
  • All you want to do is serve your people – how can you if you don’t have a simple structure and system to cope – whether it’s generating leads or supporting new clients.
  • Along the way, you have lost control of your finances. You can’t seem to work out what you’re expecting to make and what you need to make to ensure all the bills are paid AND you make a profit!
  • You know to get more control of your life and your business and these needs to happen NOW. You want someone to help you fix this before you lose all patience.


I know from working with clients that are start-ups and big name clients ultimately, success for them has come from the fundamentals down pat – do you have a business growth strategy, do you have a financial growth plan that flexes and grows with your business, are your systems and structure supporting you or holding you back?

If you started a business with a desire for freedom and getting paid to be you but instead stuck in  overwhelm, busy being busy, struggling to create consistent income or just being the Chief Everything Officer in your business, then it’s time to take stock!!

But in order to see the wood from the trees in your business – you need to understand and assess where you are.

This is why I developed the P.E.R.I.S.C.O.P.E method to assess and implement only the most profitable income strategies that for you – this will allow you to create more security (read that as consistent income) for the future, hold conversations with client that convert, identify activities that serve you and activities that you should outsource/hire for.

But first let’s just start with creating consistent income within your business.

I can teach you how to take stock of where you and where you need to grow so that you can transform your business, have a strategy to grow your business, create a roadmap that gives you more control of your life, your business and when you get up in the morning, you know exactly what you are going to achieve that day, that week and the next 12 months will give you new opportunities to grow and be the creator of your life.

It’s time to take back control and reignite passion in your business and reconnect with the reason why you started this journey in the first place! It’s time to explode your profits – I say let’s have you   Start Small but Finish Big!

Be a master of how you manage your time and your energy so that you have a day of achievement but also a day where you grow as a person of value.

It’s time to be the successful entrepreneur, the person of value and go after your dreams and goals to constantly say, yes to your life, yes to your desires, yes to sharing your gifts with the world and yes to being a force in your entrepreneurial journey!

I offer private consultancy and coaching to transform your business….

One to One program - Accelerated Business Growth

4 months of consultancy and coaching to work on key areas of your business to create accelerated growth and big results in your business.

Group program – The Empowered Feminine Entrepreneur Mastermind

4 months of coaching to create rapid growth in your business and create bigger results with the support of a group of like-minded women

Here’s how we start:

Before anything else happens, we have a conversation – I need to find out about you, what are your circumstances, what are your challenges at present.  You get to find out about me.  We see whether we’re a fit for each other and then, we agree how we can take it forward.  Sometimes we won’t – you may not fit my client requirements, you might decide you’re not ready.  Let’s call this a first date; I call it a Business Clarity Call.

When we do take it forward….

Here’s how it works:

Following our conversation, I will make my first recommendation of what solution works best for your circumstances.  I will meet you where you are and that is my commitment to you at all times.

I believe in customising to my client’s needs so no two Business Clarity Consultancy and Coaching session will be the same nor will the 8 week programme. Everything is customised to suit your circumstances.

You should be prepared to invest upwards of £3,500 paid in full or payment plans can be arranged after a certain investment level.

You will get…

Office Hours Email/Messenger Support – for those days where you need a little extra guidance or you wish to run an idea past me.

Simple and Effective Resources – including weekly check in sheets (for 4 month programme), a reading list and a Dropbox folder where all your materials are stored.

Ready to find out if this is right for you?

This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the consultancy and working with me.

We’ll explore what’s going on for you in your life and business to see how I could help, and whether I am the right consultant for you.

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