5 Strategies to Grow Your Business

We’re closing on H1 of 201 – whether you met, crushed or missed your goals is a point of information now.  In fact, some say now is the time to start planning 2018, this way you’re not going into reaction mode going into 2018.   I say there’s still 6 months left in 2017 and here are 5 tried-and-true strategies to crush your 2017 goals.

#1 – Ditch some ideas

If you’ve been generating new ideas for your business or discovered new strategies to implement in your business in the first half of the year, do yourself a favour and really look at these now and ask yourself whether it’s genuinely actionable in the second half.  New ideas take time to develop, implement and grow and if you’re looking to get bigger results with the existing and proven strategy in your business – do yourself a favour and park that idea for now.  That’s right – make a decision now to manage your energy on the right projects and use your precious resources to get you to exponential results.

#2 – Focus on growing your online presence

Whether you have an online business or not, your online presence is now more important than ever.  Consider sharing more of what has worked for you in the first half of 2017 with your community to gather more interest for the rest of the year.  Focussing on more visitors to your website will garner better results and improved targeting if you are considering paid advertising for the latter part of the year.

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#3 – Follow through with implementation

In the past few years, we have so many experts’ share numerous programs and strategies that have put more entrepreneurs into overwhelm and confusion.  If you are in the first 2 years of business, this is the time where businesses need more implementation than new strategies being introduced to the business.   As you plan your second half of the year, consider whether you are introducing more strategies or following through with more implementation.  Consider your key lead generation and sales activities and zero in on whether there are distinctions to the process that would improve implementation and results.  Ditch new strategies for creating more time for implementation.

#4 – Pour into your community

The value of any business is truly measured by the client lifetime value to the business.  Why have customers that only buy once, with the right education based marketing strategy, a customer will be more inclined to buy, time and time again, once the value that you are providing becomes clear to them.   A customer can have a customer value of £500 for a one-off service.  Alternatively, you could have a client lifetime value of £10,000.  This is how that works:  you can help them say over a 3 year period with multiple services that add up to a total value of £10,000 over that period.   So, consider whether your marketing plans for the second half of the year have you bringing valuable content to your community or understanding your clients wants better to shape an offering that suits their immediate problems.

#5 – Systemise more, Increase your leverage

The biggest thing you can do to earn more using the current solutions, programs or services is to create a passive income product.  Even if your business is totally dependent on your time, energy and effort at present, start small with something like a book or audio as your first passive income product.  Look at what is working for you right now and consider creating a passive income product to work alongside your current offering.

The next biggest game changer in your business is to systemise a business process and outsource to a personal assistant. If you have built up a standard way to execute a task in your business – consider whether this task can now be delegated to a personal assistant.  Record a training video on this and train your team to complete these tasks.  This will free up your time to focus on money making activities within your business.  There are numerous sites out there like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Onlinejobs.ph that will be able to help source good candidates for this role.

CORE TAKE-AWAY:  Do less, Focus more, Leverage after you systemise and take care of your community.  Work your plan for H2 and you’ll find that you’ll get more out of the business; you’ll be able to manage your energy levels better and finish this year strong.

Stay focussed on your success,


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